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3D model and 3D character art - starwolf - 03-12-2022

Digital game assets are worth gold. Space Frontiers works with low-poly and low-detail textures in combination with a top down view that keeps distance between the world and the player. This means the 3D assets required are not high-end. The decision to go for relatively easy to make 3D assets has been made for that reason. 

The game still NEEDS various 3D assets to reach its full potential. Ranging from Mixamo-riggable 3D humanoid characters, to meshes of items and weapons, to the blocks the spaceships are made of. When there are more 3D character models we would love to include them in development and marketing videos with custom animations to tell stories.

No experience requirements. 3D assets will have to be either created with Blender or exported to work well with Blender. You must also UV unwrap the models. Textures can easily be created and modified with a tool like ArmorPaint.

3D humanoid character designers are of high value.

You will have to submit your work to our Gitlab instance and to get your account activated you have to sign the contributor license agreement.

Blender files of the used 3D assets can be delivered on request.

You can get in contact by all means.

Financial rewards.